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GAIn® Train-The-Trainer program

Delivering an excellent training requires a new set of didactical skills, and there are many things to keep in mind when giving a training: How do you maintain a high level of interaction throughout the training? How do you deal with different skill levels in a group? Individuals and organizations who would like to give GAIn trainings need to answer such questions. The GAIn Train-The-Trainer program offers the solution: it is designed to develop trainers of the highest quality following the GAIn standard. There are three certification levels to the program – 1, 2, or 3-star level GAIn trainers, which all enable the delivery of different types of trainings. The skills you learn in the TTT program are essential to give excellent GAIn courses, but can also be applied in a wide range of other professional situations. Just like with our courses and training programs, we are following a standardized process with our Train-The-Trainer program, which includes self-study, practical assignments as well an exam.


The 3 GAIn trainer levels:

Can give trainings that involve
transfer of AI knowledge
Can give trainings with more
difficult didactical structure
Can give trainings which require the trainer to be adaptive during the training itself

How to become a trainer?

Our affiliate trainer network is currently expanding, so if you are ready to teach the new generation of AI professionals and develop yourself on a different level, please contact us and we will together discuss the best way to proceed. We also roll out company-wide programs to develop pools of high-quality in-house trainers, and are happy to discuss how we can help your business with this.


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