GAIn® Programs and certifications
The GAIn® portfolio

The GAIn® portfolio is one of the most comprehensive portfolios to build AI skills across all layers of the organization. It consists of programs for four different target groups preceded by a common foundation program. The portfolio has a modular build-up of more than 60 courses and certifications, and is designed by industry experts with over 15 years of experience.

The four skill domains of GAIn

The ability to identify value creation opportunities and translating them to an overall transformation plan with impact

• Identifying value creation opportunities from data & AI
• Translating AI opportunities into concrete solution designs
• Developing an AI roadmap aligned to an organization’s overall strategy

The ability to lead and drive an AI transformation at concrete opportunity level or for an organization as a whole

• Leading cross-functional teams to develop data & AI products
• Driving change in processes and new ways of working
• Communicating results, engaging stakeholders and create impetus for change

Understand statistics and machine learning techniques to interpret, challenge or develop analyses or AI solutions

• Structured analysis and modeling processes
• Predictive modeling with machine learning
• Model evaluation and management
• Responsible AI deployment

Understanding, using and shaping data and technology for operationalizing AI in business systems and applications

• Understanding the data & technology landscape, and potentially shaping it
• Working with data and data systems
• Developing end-to-end solutions by operationalizing data pipelines, predictive models and building apps

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