Leading AI & Data Teams

The “Leading AI & Data Teams” program shapes modern AI and analytics leaders. AI leadership is the linking pin between data analytics and business management in driving AI change, demanding both the ability to create change and to steer AI teams. Therefore, topics like personal leadership, machine learning, data technology and roadmap design are all addressed. The program allows participants to establish their personal learning goals on three dimensions:

  1. Personal vision and roadmap on data & AI
  2. Strong integration skills
  3. Leading data and AI driven change

The program facilitates reaching these goals by mixing theoretical concepts, in group discussions and group as well as individual exercises & case work. The current knowledge and expertise of the participants forms valuable input to shape progress and next steps of the group.

The program teaches you to master
all four AI competency domains
Icon_Impact & Opportunities
Impact & Opportunities

Direct your team’s AI efforts to business impact at scale


Translate from business to AI strategy

Identify AI value pools and solutions

Design an integrated roadmap of solution and capability building

Icon_Leadership & Change
Leadership & Change

Manage the change of business processes when implementing AI


Express your vision as AI leader

Build trust with credibility & intimacy

Inspire business counter parts on AI

Effectively involve stakeholders

Icon_Machine Learning & Statistics
Machine Learning & Statistics

Take a lead role on conceptual level of the algorithm and challenge team on responsible, world class models


Lead the analytical process

Challenge quality of modeling process

Master the algorithm design yourself

Icon_Data & Technology
Data & Technology

Connect infrastructure, data, models and applications and steer towards properly operated AI solutions.


Increase knowledge about technology

Implement a DevOps way of working

Align on the technology roadmap

Program set-up

The “Leading AI & Data Teams” program consists of 10 course days. The courses are clustered in two-day blocks and distributed over a 4-5 month period. The five two day program blocks are:


1. AI Foundation

The first two days build a common groundwork and language for AI solutions, their value, as well as modeling, data tech and culture requirements. We explicitly stress and discuss your role as leader within AI and analytics. Learn more about the AI Foundation here.


2. Set your personal compass

You and your leadership are the primary focus of these two days. We deep-dive into your leadership style, authenticity, growth areas and team impact. A 360-view on your personal strengths and development opportunities is used as input.


3. Design the path to game changing AI

Create a vision on how AI and analytics will change your organization, focused on your relevant business area(’s). The first day you will work on the AI strategy for part of your business and translate it to a multi-year roadmap. The second day is about building trust-based relationships to increase your circle of influence and inspiring others on your vision.


4. Guide teams towards impactful AI solutions

Making AI projects successful is hard. As a leader you need to be able to steer your team both on content and process during the lifecycle of an AI solution. The first day is about steering your team on algorithm development: steer and challenge the analytical process to build impactful and reliable models. The second day is about another crucial success factor: implementing algorithms in end-to-end systems. You will learn how to drive and enable your team to work towards end-to-end systems rather than proof of concepts only.


5. Create AI driven change

Change is difficult, but essential to unlock the potential of the AI solutions your develop. Excellent stakeholder management and strong change management over the lifecycle of AI development and implementation is paramount. The first day of this block you will learn to influence stakeholders. The second day is about involving the right people and making the right choices during AI projects to improve adoption of AI.

Meet our experienced program faculty
Rajiv Ball

Rajiv’s career has been shaped by 23 years of leadership experience at McKinsey. As a former global leader of McKinsey Learning, he championed leadership development as both faculty and program developer. He currently runs the leadership curriculum at THNK school of creative leadership and is passionate about leadership development.

Wouter Huygen

Wouter is Managing Partner at MIcompany & GAIn, and a thought leader in the field of AI transformations. He has extensive experience in realizing impact with AI use cases for the boards of blue-chip companies and is a seasoned leader in the application of different expertise areas. Got a question for Wouter? Reach out to him at whuygen@micompany.nl

Arje Sanders

Arje leads AI teams to pragmatic and impact-driven change programs, ensuring business implementation and excellent statistical and technical implementation. As managing director of MIcompany’s & GAIn’s AI hub in Israel, he is driven by supporting international blue-chip companies in their Data and AI transformations. Got a question for Arje? Reach out to him at asanders@micompany.nl

Ralph Smeets

Ralph brings experience in Nuclear Fusion, Nanotechnology, Biomolecular motors and DNA. At MIcompany & GAIn he leads various educational programs in which he has trained 1.000+ analysts, managers and executives. He has a passion for in-depth hard and soft skills and uses this as an integral approach to make blue-chip companies data-driven. Got a question for Ralph? Reach out to him at rsmeets@micompany.nl

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