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The ways AI can be used to augment decision making keeps expanding. New applications will create fundamental and sometimes difficult changes in workflows, roles, and culture. The shortage of talented AI professionals with the right skillset is one of the biggest barriers to AI adoption. GAIn assists professionals, companies, and institutions worldwide to develop the required AI skillset to drive lasting breakthroughs using AI. We offer training on all aspects of AI for all levels within the organization.

We do this by offering a comprehensive training and certification portfolio, expert trainers, and a flexible modular approach to assist and enable companies in implementing local and global training programs.

We have extensive experience in running large scale training programs and work with many blue-chip companies including eBay,, Lease Plan, Israel Discount Bank, and Max.

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5 Reasons to work with us
We can handle a broad range of capability building

Whether you have a very specific training need (for example: training your Data Engineers on advanced technical topics, or your Data Scientists on model implementation), or the need for a large transformational program, or something in between, we can help. Over the past 14 years, we have built up extensive experience not only in the implementation of multi-year, multi-population, multi-country programs but also in providing high quality, very specific modules for specific target groups. Both in in-house set-ups and cross-company programs. Not sure what type of program would fit your organization best? We’d be happy to discuss the best approach together.

Full co-creation and co-ownership possibilities

When the training need is a larger one, we often co-create the exact curriculum with our partners. This way, you can leverage the knowledge of local champions and ensure that local best practices are either integrated into our certified training content or get their own dedicated badge. Additionally, you can utilize existing content or programs by integrating them with our badges into one comprehensive program. Many companies also choose to provide our training content through their own learning platform in order to make training easily accessible for employees.

Build your own internal trainer pool with our train the trainer program

Often, there are quite a few experts within an organization whose knowledge would be beneficial in training programs. We offer an extensive, and certified, train the trainer program, in which we can train your own local experts to also become expert trainers. The program not only teaches your own people essential didactical skills, but it also offers a new growth opportunity for employees which is often not available within the own organization. This train the trainer set-up ensures easy scalability at low costs while retaining high quality.

We have the people and experience to cater to all levels in the organization

Our own trainer population has the skill and experience to give training to a wide variety of organizational roles. Be it executives, to management, to business- and product owners, and down to the experts themselves (whether from the modeling or technology side).  All trainers all have content expertise through their work on AI solutions, as well as being certified trainers through our train the trainer program. Additionally, through GAIn – the Global AI network, we have a wide network of certified trainers consisting of both the scientific community and industry experts. Depending on your specific situation, we determine which trainers will be most suitable for your population.

Extensive experience in designing capability strategies

We have extensive experience in designing (and implementing) capability strategies for organizations ranging from industry to (semi-) government. In order to determine the best approach, we use both a top-down and bottom-up approach to identify where priorities lie. Our capability scan provides top-down input to determine high-level areas for growth. Using our standardized AI Development Scan, we can pinpoint on an individual level where skill gaps lie. This scan has been implemented for hundreds of people, proving a useful tool not only on an individual level, but also in order to benchmark current status.

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