AI Skill Building at Scale

An Overview of the GAIn® Portfolio

To grasp the full potential of AI, a fundamental redesign of key processes is needed. This is a  transformation that requires both a new way of working and new skill sets.

The GAIn® portfolio is a comprehensive modular training and certification portfolio ranging from a common AI Foundation course to specialized programs for AI Engineers, AI Data Scientists, and AI Business Professionals. Programs are given at a Practitioner, Expert, and Master level. The portfolio is driven by both data science, technology, and models, and is aimed at building and certifying all the skills within organizations required to radically change key processes with AI. The portfolio consists of 60 individual course modules and certificates, 10 programs and totals 114 training days.


Detailed Overview Programs and Badges

A detailed overview of the course badges and programs can be found on the MIcompany website.

Badge & Program Overview

The Five Core Benefits of the GAIn® Portfolio
GAIn Core Values icons_Icon – One Method
Modular approach for multiple target groups

In order to create one language on AI in a company-wide transformation, GAIn® uses one portfolio to cater to all relevant target populations. In total, the GAIn® portfolio consists of 10 programs for three core groups: Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Business teams.

GAIn Core Values icons_Icon – Integrated Skill Set
Build an integrated skill set

All of the GAIn® programs integrate the four key areas relevant to grasping the full potential of AI. For each role in the organization, it is essential to develop a basis in all four areas since use cases are developed in cross-functional teams where understanding each other is key.

GAIn Core Values icons_Icon – Educational Environment
Focus on lasting breakthroughs

All GAIn® badges have a key focus on creating impact. This is done by working with real-life datasets and challenges, and learning which steps are needed to get your idea implemented.

GAIn Core Values icons_Icon – Personal Learning Journey
Content developed by top of the field practitioners

90% of the badges are developed by experts with extensive experience in transforming blue-chip companies. Our badge on ‘Use Case Leadership’, for example, brings together more than 10 years of transformation project experience, in a module full of real-life challenges and how to deal with them.

GAIn Core Values icons_Icon – Build Your Own Academy
Globally scaled

All badges are standardized and certified based on years of hands-on didactical experience. This means that all badges follow a similar design in theory versus casework, where they use high-quality standardized material and finish with an exam to test required skill levels.

Four Key Areas

GAIn® builds an integrated skill set in all programs

For each role in the organization, it is essential to develop a basis in all four areas since use cases are developed in cross-functional teams where understanding each other is key. Besides a basis in all areas, AI experts and leaders also require a deeper understanding of one or more of these areas, the so-called T-shape. This T-shape is built in a different direction depending on the target group. All of the GAIn® All programs integrate the four key areas relevant to grasp the full potential of AI.

Machine learning and statistics are key to unlocking business impact. Understanding the potential of AI and Analytics, key concepts, limitations, and model management for durable impact, enable a truly fruitful cooperation between business and experts.

Data and technology are the prerequisites for achieving analytical impact. The architecture and technology to access and store data, the management of its quality, the practical use of analytical tooling, and the design and execution of analytical business applications are vital to reaching business goals.

A analytical opportunity identification framework brings alignment and focus. Company-wide digital strategies, use case specific designs, and ad-hoc analytical questions are structured using this framework.

Future-proof analytical impact can only result by encompassing the entire company population. Strong analytical leaders use their personal vision to set course, create enthusiasm, and shape the company culture.

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