Become a GAIn® partner

GAIn is a worldwide open standard for AI skill building and creates an open, global network supporting the development of AI training and certification. To support the network, GAIn offers a courseware licensing model for parties interested in offering GAIn certified training to its employees or customers.

Within the GAIn model, there are three different types of partnerships, aimed at different organization types and needs.

GAIn Company Partners

GAIn® company partners are organizations that train and upskill their internal teams using the GAIn® training materials and certifications. Corporate partners can work with external accredited trainers or can enable their own experts via the GAIn® Train-The-Trainer program. This set-up ensures easy scalability at low costs while retaining high quality. eBay and Heineken, for example, are currently using this train the trainer concept to obtain worldwide impact.

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GAIn Training Partners

GAIn training partners are consulting organizations or professional training organizations who deliver training as part of their transformation projects. Training partners engage with learners and organize training courses for corporates and end-learners. Training partners and trainers are formally accredited with GAIn and as such, commit to delivering quality training programs.

GAIn Trainers

GAIn trainers are trainers with a verified skillset to successfully deliver the GAIn training modules. GAIn trainers are assessed and accredited by GAIn to ensure a high-quality experience. GAIn trainers can deliver a training course on behalf of the GAIn training partners.

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