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Forecasting is everywhere. Many companies are ruled by forecasts about their revenues and profits. But significant deviations between forecasts and reality are extremely common, and can have severe consequences on a company’s stock price, brand image and workforce. Accurate forecasts on the other hand can be used to gain a competitive advantage for business steering and give your company an edge in the market.

Financial Forecasting using AI is a 3-day course that opens up the possibilities of AI for you as a forecaster. It builds a fundamental understanding for Artificial Intelligence and shows how AI can be applied in financial forecasting to drive business success.


Key outcomes of training

A more reliable
In-depth insights of
forecast drivers
implementation plan

The program gave me a better picture of which steps should be taken when working with AI. It’s a lot more concrete than what I had in mind.

Participant of Financial Forecasting using AI

A forecasting course for all levels in the organization

Financial Forecasting using AI is for anyone working with forecasting itself or using the predictions for any type of decision making: it could be the Sale Manager of a retail company who wants to know the sales on SKU-level for the next weeks. Or the Financial Officer who wants to make a baseline forecast to assess if the targets will be met this year. Or, the Operational Manager who wants to know the delivery times of his ordered products. Besides the technical content on AI and forecasting, there is a strong focus on the people side – to ensure everyone in the organization is aligned and adapts an efficient way of working.

Why Financial Forecasting using AI?

Every business application needs a unique forecasting perspective, depending on the granularity and the variability of the data, the seasonality, trends and forecast horizon. But choosing the right one, from a wide range of options, can be very challenging. Financial Forecasting using AI helps you connect the dots between your data and AI based forecasting methods, to generate crucial insights for your company. Upon completion of the course you will have the tools and knowledge to identify where in your organization forecasts should be made and improved with the help of AI.

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Day 1

On day 1 we will clarify the importance of forecasting and share lessons learned from our 10+ years of experience. We will introduce the concept of “AI based forecasting” and show the opportunities of using AI in your your organization’s financial forecasts.

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Day 2

On day 2, we are going to introduce the concept of time series and modeling steps to develop and create a data driven forecast system using realistic cases. We will walk you through the basic algorithms of time series forecasts, from the traditional Holt-Winters and  to the Machine Learning algorithms and compare the different algorithms.

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Day 3

On the last day we will focus on a step-by-step implementation plan that helps your organization to drive forecasting excellence. After passing the final exam, you will get the GAIn® badge for Financial Forecasting using AI.

Meet your forecasting expert
Wynfrith Meijwes

Wynfrith is a Principal Data, Analytics and Forecasting expert at MIcompany & GAIn. He brings a lot of experience from the Telecom, Travel and Retail industries, having implemented Behavioral Forecasting at 18 companies, including KPN, Achmea and Wynfrith is a member of the International Institute of Forecasting and has trained over 200 participants in (advanced) forecasting.

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