Essential Business Applications: Return on Investment

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Essential Business Applications: Return on Investment

About the course

ROI covers all aspects of the calculation of the return of investment. While the cost part can be quite easy, understanding the value that is created can pose a big challenge. In this course we will go through several methods of determining whether it is worth to go through with an investment or not. The course also teaches participants how to interpret the outcomes of the ROI calculation and how to learn from pre and post ROI calculations in order to make better investment decisions.


Why this is for you

ROI is the perfect instrument to create impact fast. It is often the very first impact driver used in AI-driven companies. The reason for this is twofold. One is that ROI is used as an evidence of the value that is created and even justifies the investments (to be) made. It makes the gut feeling explicit and turns it into a fact based answer on value creation. Secondly it helps you to understand why an investment creates value (or why it doesn’t). This information enables you to create instant value by improving the effect of future investments.


For whom

This training is suitable for both AI professionals (data scientists and data engineers) and AI users (business experts or AI translators). The AI professionals will learn how to calculate ROI and model the ROI calculation and also how to use this in a campaign optimizing process. The AI users will have a better understanding of the calculations that are behind the ROI metric and will be enabled to make better investment decisions.


What you’ll learn

Learning Goals

  • Explain what ROI is and know which calculations need to be done.
  • Measure the BTL campaign impact, for different type of effects.
  • Apply the alternatives to control groups in order to measure the ATL campaign impact.
  • How to interpret the numbers behind significance and know the main drivers of significance.
  • Optimize the campaign effectiveness using several methods


Theory and practical use

All trainings in the GAIn portfolio combine high-quality standardized training material with theory sessions from experts and hands-on experience where you directly apply the material to real-life cases. Each training is developed by top of the field practitioners which means they are full of industry examples along with practical challenges and know-how, fueling the interactive discussions during training. We believe this multi-level approach creates the ideal learning environment for participants to thrive.