Application security

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  • 4296 - Application Security
     June 29, 2020 - June 30, 2020
     9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Application Security

About the course

The use case model is incomplete without the user application. Building a model on a great data set is only half the challenge, to really change a business process, we need a user application. However, this immediately poses serious security threats, as a user facing application is a direct risk to the data behind it. Therefore, it is essential to effectively secure this application at all levels. In this one day badge, we will look into the most common risks for user applications, and we will study both how to detect, as well as how to prevent errors. After completing this course, you will be able to build secure user applications, test the security of user applications, and you will be aware of the best practices regarding application security.


Why this is for you

Building a user application can be a major step-up in the impact of AI, as it allows much easier access to data and models. However, both during development, as well as afterwards, such applications must be secured. The topics that an AI engineer needs to know range from security by design to being able to penetration test their own or somebody else’s application to test its security. Knowing about application security is an indispensable tool in the toolbox of an AI engineer.


What you’ll learn

In this badge, we will first study application security as a whole. We will focus on front ends, looking through the most common errors in security and how to exploit them. This is based on the OWASP top 10. Next, we will look into penetration testing, to judge the security of an application you built yourself, or that somebody else built. We will study how to judge the security of an application and how severe potential errors are. Along the way, we will cover how to secure applications and what the best practices are in securing them.

Theory and practical use

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