Testing and CI/CD Pipelines ★★★ Expert Level
All developers make mistakes, and all software contains bugs. Whether it’s about models, APIs, or analytical applications, by using manual and automated testing in a smart and complete way, we can prevent mistakes from happening and impacting users. Combined with continuous integration of the work of different developers and continuous delivery, the users get new and flawless features the moment they are ready!
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2 days
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Testing and CI/CD Pipelines

About the course

In this hands-on two-day course, we will cover an overview of software testing and deepdive into the most common forms of testing. In many exercises and one continuous case we will develop different types of tests for our code, and make sure we think about which types of tests we run when. In the second day, we focus on CI/CD using Gitlab. We integrate our tests into a CI/CD pipeline and make sure our code works before deploying it.  

Why is this for you

Do you want to make sure that your code works correctly right now? And do you want to be sure that it will keep on working at all times? And do you want to deliver new features to your users fast, but also error-free? Then this badge on Testing & CI/CD pipelines is for you!  

For whom

This course is for data scientists or data engineers that work with git, that write code that should be tested, and that want to automate testing and deployment of their code so that they have their hands free for the cool work!  

What you'll learn

  • Testing and types of tests: why testing is important, what types of tests there are and when to use them
  • Implementing tests: how to build tests in Python for a simple back end server.
  • Advanced git and CI/CD: apply git best practices in cooperation and be able to explain CI/CD and build Gitlab CI/CD pipelines.
  • Integrating tests in CI/CD: integrate automated testing in a CI/CD pipeline.
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