Following the steps of the AI process ★★ Practitioner Level
This course corresponds to the 48-hour business case that wraps up the AI & Data Bootcamp. The goal is to integrate your skills and knowledge in a final case, understand the different roles required in an AI team and combine different methodologies into one actionable project plan.
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2 days
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Following the steps of the AI process

About the course

Throughout the AI & Data Bootcamp you learn a lot of skills. From conducting intake with business stakeholders, collecting data and analyzing it, to building models and presenting your work. And many more skills related to solving business problems. This module represents the final test for you, giving you the opportunity to combine all of the different learnings in a final case. In this project you will, together with you team, face a real life business challenge provided by an organization, in which you need to provide findings in just 48 hours. The case is followed by a presentation of your findings, where you receive feedback from actual stakeholders on your approach and the impact demonstrated. You will learn how to work better both as a team, and together with other teams, how to combine both soft and hard skills in order to solve problems, and gain experience in conducting interviews and delivering your results.  

Why this is for you

Many different skills and roles are required in a successful AI team. This course helps you integrate your skills and combine different methodologies into one actionable plan. And ensure your toolbox is ready to face the real challenges in your job.  

For whom

This course is for Data Engineers, AI Engineers, and Data Scientists who want to combine their wide range of skills and knowledge into a successful AI project plan – in just 48 hours. The course is part of the 6-week AI & Data Bootcamp and can only be attended as a participant of the bootcamp.  

What you’ll learn

Learning Goals
  • Integrate different skills into one actionable plan
  • Solve real business problems and facing stakeholders
  • Present you solutions in an effect a manner
  • Work as a team towards an AI solution
  Theory and practical use All trainings in the GAIn portfolio combine high-quality standardized training material with theory sessions from experts and hands-on experience where you directly apply the material to real-life cases. Each training is developed by top of the field practitioners which means they are full of industry examples along with practical challenges and know-how, fueling the interactive discussions during training. We believe this multi-level approach creates the ideal learning environment for participants to thrive.