Explorative Analysis Techniques ★★ Practitioner Level
Learn to master analysis techniques that help you make sense of your data and ensure you don’t waste your time doing extensive modeling. This course will teach you a structured approach to bring business and data together by translating hypotheses into powerful insights.
Topics Data Exploration
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2 days
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Explorative Analysis Techniques

About the course

The birth of data science has brought with it numerous analysis techniques, with an even greater selection of insights that can be derived from one single data set. Therefore, knowing which one to apply in which situation requires a good analysis plan. This analysis plan is the communication tool to bridge the gap between business and data scientist, as it makes the businesses instincts concrete by turning them into an executable insight. Our two-day training takes you step-by-step from creating a hypothesis to selecting the right explorative analysis technique, before heading towards the data and conducting the analysis. The analyses covered include decile, profile, source of difference and migration analysis.  

Why this is for you

Are you having trouble bridging the gap between business and data in your organization? Maybe you dive into the data right away, ending up with a set of insights that are not coherent, requiring you to enter the data again? Or don’t you know where to start? In this module, you will learn through a structured approach how to combine your analytical brain with businesses instinct to increase the impact you make with your analyses and get to the needed insight quicker.  

For whom

This Explorative Analysis Techniques training is perfect for anyone who wants to learn both how to effectively conduct analyses on data, as well as in-depth knowledge on how to use decile, profile, source of difference, and migration analysis to gain fruitful insight into the business problem at hand. To take part in this course participants must first have earned the Structured Opportunity Finding (1201) badge.  

What you’ll learn

This course will give you hands-on experience at creating an analysis plan before heading to the data, which guarantees you create the killer insights for a strong story. To do so we will cover the basics of three techniques practiced in-depth:
  1. Source of difference analysis
  2. Decile analysis
  3. Profile analysis
  4. Migration analysis
  Learning Goals
  • Analytical landscape – Understanding how to design an analysis plan based on a hypothesis tree
  • Creating analytical insights – Understanding which technique to use when testing hypotheses from a hypothesis tree
  • Source of difference analysis – Being able to perform a source of difference to evaluate the differences between two moments in time
  • Decile analysis – Being able to perform a decile analysis to find the most (or least) valuable groups in the base
  • Profile analysis – Being able to perform a profile analysis to gain insight into the profile of individuals/products in a focus group
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