Essential Business Applications: Finance Analytics ★★★ Expert Level
GAIn offers you the knowledge and skills to take your company on a learning journey or add value to your team as a finance analytics expert. Are you an AI professional who wants to understand finance analytics and how it can build your business immense success? Join us!
Topics Analytics Applications in the Industry
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1 day
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Essential Business Applications: Finance Analytics

About the course

Every business is finance driven, this means that all decisions, including those that are data-based, should correspond to financial goals. This one-day course marries data science and finance to create the key to success. Deep dive into the fundamentals, from terminology to roles and how finance affects data science and AI applications in your business. Through interactive and business-relevant exercises you will learn to match your knowledge of financial analytics to real-life practice cases and explore the best ways to facilitate collaboration between teams.  

Why this is for you

Are your projects failing due to poor finance measures or are you struggling to understand financial concepts crucial to your work? This course will show you how to make data-based recommendations using financial measures; translating your initiative to objectives and recommendations to match the financial goals of your organization.  

For whom

This training is perfect for Data Scientists who want to deepen their knowledge of financial concepts to strengthen their work or are looking to play a more significant part in the organization and become better fitted to work on finance data science projects such as forecasting and risk.  

What you’ll learn

  1. The fundamentals of corporate finance
  2. Key terminology used in the financial world
  3. How to analyze and compare financial statements
  4. How to compare measures such as NPV, IRR, and ROE
  5. An overview of Fintech industry
  6. Internal organization applications: dashboarding, forecasting, risk, pricing, and CLV
Learning Goals
  • Finance in organizations – Explain the importance of finance analytics to the organization and their work
  • Main financial terms – Explain the fundamentals of corporate finance
  • Financial statements as a tool of the analyst – Explain the most important financial statements and known ratios
  • Comparing investment alternatives – Can measure and compare the success of investment decisions
  • AI applications in finance – Explain the uses of finance in dashboarding, data science, and AI applications
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