Data & Tech Fundamentals ★★ Practitioner Level
Are you struggling to grasp all the different types of technology and your role in generating impact with end-2-end AI solutions? Look no further! This rewarding one-day course will provide you with a data technology framework to craft a solution specifically for your business use case, and give you experience tackling common AI engineering challenges.
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Data & Tech Fundamentals

About the course

To create an impact with data analytics it is essential to have a good data technology foundation. In this one-day badge, you will be introduced to the data analytics platform framework, the typical AI Engineering challenges that occur in such a platform and the role that you have as an AI Engineer or Data Scientist in developing the components of the platform. The content of this course covers all the data and technology elements needed to generate impact from AI, along with typical challenges and solutions in AI engineering that you as an AI Engineer or Data Scientist must be able to face. This training will start by introducing the data analytics platform framework and practicing linking business questions to end-2-end AI solutions, which will enable you to build a solution for business questions in the future. We continue with hands-on experience of various important AI engineering challenges and discussion on how this links to your way of working. You will be able to estimate if solving a question will be an ‘easy’ or ‘hard’ challenge. We conclude with a discussion of your role within the company on developing the data and technology side of the end-2-end AI solutions you build.  

Why this is for you

Have you ever had a question about how to technically build the solution you require to generate impact with data or an AI model you developed? Have you ever found yourself struggling to place new technologies used in your operationalized model environment in the right context? As an AI Engineer or Data Scientist, you are expected to have an understanding of this ever-evolving data and technology side of the end-2-end AI solutions, along with developing this to create a lasting impact with AI. It’s a lot to keep up with right? Our course hands you a framework that you can apply to the data and technology components of each solution you work on, and sketches both the challenges and your role in this data and technology landscape. So you feel prepared for any data or technology challenge.  

For whom

This training is designed for AI Engineers, Data Engineers and Data Scientists who have completed the AI Foundation course and are keen to learn more about the data and technology side of creating true impact from end-2-end solutions. Participants must have prior knowledge of programming in Python and SQL as these two skills are needed in the practical cases during the day.  

What you’ll learn

  1. Linking business questions to the right AI data and tech solution
  2. Explaining AI engineering challenges
  3. Defining the role of the AI Engineer and Data Scientist
Learning Goals
  • Linking business questions to the right AI data and tech solution – Identify the Data and Tech components needed to generate impact from End-2-End AI solutions
  • Explaining AI engineering challenges – Based on the landscape, explain which components result in the most important AI engineering challenges
  • Defining the role of the AI Engineer and Data Scientist – Argue what topics you need to learn about in the AI Data and Tech landscape as an AI Engineer or Data Scientist
  Theory and practical use All trainings in the GAIn portfolio combine high-quality standardized training material with theory sessions from experts and hands-on experience where you directly apply the material to real-life cases. Each training is developed by top of the field practitioners which means they are full of industry examples along with practical challenges and know-how, fueling the interactive discussions during training. We believe this multi-level approach creates the ideal learning environment for participants to thrive.