Data Models & Manipulation ★★ Practitioner Level
Master data modeling and challenge yourself to learn how to transform data in SQL to obtain the best possible results for your business. Our two-day Data Models and Manipulation course enables you to design data models that are efficient, transparent and robust, as well as transform the data to build the analysis dataset you require for analyses or AI model development.
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Data Models & Manipulation

About the course

Before you can start using data for AI and analytics purposes’ you need to set up the right database architecture, transform data in an efficient way, and make sure data quality is fixed. This two-day badge takes you through this process step-by-step, while directly applying the theory to a case; starting with designing a good data model, identifying and solving the data quality issues, and finally applying the right SQL queries in transforming the data. If you are a Data Scientist, dealing with data quality issues and transformations to create an analysis dataset is all in a day’s work. This training is designed to ensure you are building the most efficient databases which enable easy browsing of the data by providing a compact, well-structured overview. This badge is made up of two parts: the four-hour Data Quality pre-work e-learning, and the two-day course.  

Why this is for you

In order to effectively carry out any analysis or develop AI models, you need a proper set-up database and analysis table. When making the translation from a business question to arrive at that stage, it is essential to know how to structure and transform data in the correct way. This module is designed specifically to provide you with all the basics you need to build the necessary well-structured analysis table according to best practice standards.  

For whom

This training is perfect for starting Data Scientists, AI Engineers and Data Engineers who are eager to learn how to design and get hands-on experience with data modeling and creating a relevant analysis dataset. We require you to have prior knowledge of SQL before doing the pre-work and taking part in this course.  

What you’ll learn

An integrated view of the entire process and hands-on practice to gain experience in building proper analysis datasets and learning:
  1. Applying Entity Relationship Diagrams and Entity Relationship Models
  2. Dimension modeling
  3. How to identify and solve the most common data quality issues, including steps to perform a data audit
  4. Applying the data quality cycle
  5. How to transform data in SQL
  Learning Goals
  • Entity Relationship Modeling – Become confident in explaining and designing an ERD and ERM
  • Dimensional Modeling – Explain the rules of dimension modeling and its uses, and design a star scheme
  • Applying the data quality cycle – To ensure continuous control and improvement of data quality in periodic processes
  • Transforming data in SQL – Apply the most important SQL statements for data transformation
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