Data-Driven Visualization ★★ Practitioner Level
Create the impact you want with analytical content! This hands-on training will provide you with a toolkit to inspire your audience through your visualizations and create an impact in all areas of your business.
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Data-Driven Visualization

About the course

Getting your message across can be challenging when dealing with complex analytical content. It can be hard to formulate communication in an effective and comprehensible way, such that your audience walks away with the message you intended to convey. In this badge, you will learn to support your message by choosing the right analytical visualizations. This course will incorporate key theoretical principles of powerful visualization. We focus on why these principles are important and how you can apply them in your own work.  

Why this is for you

Have you ever felt that your presentation didn’t quite get your intended message across? Or perhaps your delivery of analytical content was over-complicated? This course is designed for you! We will provide you with the tips, tricks, and confidence to master these skills and create an impact with your work.  

For whom

This module is designed for Business Professionals, Data Scientists and Data Engineers, and covers all the basics about data visualization. No prerequisite or existing knowledge is required to succeed in this course, so if you are up for the challenge we welcome you!  

What you’ll learn

  1. How to inspire through analytical visualizations
  2. To improve your graphs and visualizations of quantitative information
Learning Goals
  • Supporting your message with powerful visualizations – Why visualization is important to bring your message across
  • Choosing the right graph – Visualizing quantitative information
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