Cloud Computing ★★ Practitioner Level
It’s no surprise more and more companies are making the move to the Cloud. Offering an array of benefits to its users including flexibility, collaboration, security and control, it’s a no-brainer! Are you looking to start using Cloud technology or bring your existing expertise and skills to a higher level? Your Cloud journey starts here.
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Cloud Computing

About the course

Dive into our one-day crash course on Cloud computing and learn what this innovative technology can do for you. In this course, you will be introduced to Cloud services along with its emergence and demand in modern society. Extensive focus will be placed on being able to explain the pillars of Cloud infrastructure and with that pinpoint the different types of Cloud. Alongside gaining the tools to work with a Cloud platform and understand what it is. At the end of this course, you will have the tools to implement Cloud computing within your company.  

Why this is for you

Do you want to ensure your business stays relevant and utilizes the most current technology? Following this module will teach you how to work with a Cloud infrastructure efficiently such that you save time, money, and get rid of unnecessary frustration.  

For whom

This course is perfect Data Scientists, Engineers, or anyone wanting to broaden their knowledge and learn what Cloud computing could offer you!  

What you’ll learn

  1. Common terms and definitions within Cloud computing
  2. The six-pillar framework to evaluate different types of Cloud
  3. Several AI and machine learning services from different Cloud providers
Learning Goals
  • Emergence of the Cloud – Understand the demands society has towards the internet and digital services, resulting in the need for Cloud services
  • Types of Cloud and their providers – Being able to explain the different types of Cloud and their providers
  • Setting up a Cloud platform – Build a Cloud platform by making use of the console of a leading Cloud provider
  • Deep dive on Data Science services – Make informed decisions when to make use of Cloud services for data science purposes
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