Building a First AI Application ★★ Practitioner Level
Follow this detailed two-day crash course in AI applications and learn to build your own application from idea to prototype in just two days! You will first define your business needs, collect and refine ideas, and develop a solid AI value-proposition to gain powerful insights for your business.
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2 days
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Building a First AI Application

About the course

To make your data analytics application available for end-users the user interface is very important. In this two-day course, you will learn to start from a functional design and then build the proof of concept on a real-life case. We will introduce you to the functional design process, learning how to define the requirements, user stories, functionalities, and priorities, so you are equipped to design the right application. Next to that, you will learn and use the fundaments of web design to build and test your proof of concept using front-end frameworks.  

Why this is for you

Despite our ever-evolving AI landscape, our AI models haven’t quite progressed enough to run independently. Hence, to get value out of a model you need an application. Your role as a Data Scientist, AI Engineer or Data Engineer is to validate the worth of the model, therefore, you must be able to design and build a POC. Under the passionate guidance of our trainers, we will take you step-by-step through building a POC and provide you with invaluable knowledge for the communication and design of web applications.  

For whom

This course is for both Data Scientists, AI Engineers, and Data Engineers who are looking to implement these state of the art skills within their business.  

What you’ll learn

  1. An introduction to AI applications
  2. The four steps of the functional design process
  3. The fundaments of web design HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  4. Bootstrap
  5. jQuery
  6. How to build and demonstrate a prototype
Learning Goals
  • Functional design for AI applications I – Defining the goal of your application and working with user stories to prioritize functionalities
  • Functional design for AI applications II – Developing the wireframing and visual design for your application
  • Building an AI application POC – Learning how to leverage existing frameworks and libraries to build a working AI application proof of concept (including technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)
  • Enabling speed of delivery – Improving the state of your front-end both visually and functionally by widely used standard libraries such as jQuery and bootstrap
  Theory and practical use All trainings in the GAIn portfolio combine high-quality standardized training material with theory sessions from experts and hands-on experience where you directly apply the material to real-life cases. Each training is developed by top of the field practitioners which means they are full of industry examples along with practical challenges and know-how, fueling the interactive discussions during training. We believe this multi-level approach creates the ideal learning environment for participants to thrive.