Being Effective in Meetings & Sessions ★★★ Expert Level
Dutch employees spend on average 3.5 hours per week in meetings. These are fantastic opportunities to create common ground on the way forward, however, sessions can often be ineffective and an energy drain. This one-day course provides you with the skills to lead inspiring sessions that produce actionable results.
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Being Effective in Meetings & Sessions

About the course

Working together with large groups of people is a challenge, therefore, the ability to lead or take part in sessions with a variety of people and talents is crucial to achieve results. This one-day course supports you with the skills to achieve actionable outcomes from your sessions and align with your business goals. You will gain insights into factors determining the success of meetings before, during, and after the session. We bring into practice the different roles in achieving success and a conversational skillset which enables you to take responsibility for each aspect of this process to achieve the desired outcome.  

Why this is for you

Effective leading of sessions will allow you to create support and make decisions to progress your developments. You are enabled to take responsibility for the impact of your work into your own hands. You will acquire the basic skills for knowledge sharing, progress meetings, brainstorming or decision making alike. You will organize professional meetings and effect all the meetings you attend with a clear focus to reach your goals.  

For whom

This course is perfect for AI professionals who have completed our Becoming an Effective AI Professional (2205) course.  

What you’ll learn

  1. How to use sessions to create impact
  2. The best practice for impactful sessions
  3. The setup and execution of the most common sessions
  4. The communication styles of participants
  5. Hands-on practice in situations
Learning Goals
  • Defining the relevance and impact of sessions – Understanding your role in meetings
  • Begin with the end in mind – Placing sessions in their context
  • Defining my role – Knowing your role and understanding how to facilitate each step in the session
  • Leading sessions with a focus on commitment and actionable outcomes – Recognizing the communication style of yourself and others and using these to achieve the desired outcome
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