GAIn® delivers and maintains its high quality standards through three focus areas

GAIn ensures and maintains the highest quality based on three main components: certifications, course & exam committees and an external educational board.

1. Certifications

Certifications are at the core of the GAIn portfolio. With all of our courses, programs and trainers being certified, we guarantee the highest educational standard and quality for both individuals and businesses.


Course & program certifications

Each of our more than 60 courses and 12 training programs, come with a globally recognized certification. This means that upon completing a specific course module, a proctored exam is taken by the participant and upon passing the exam they are rewarded with a certificate. In addition to this, all programs have individual certificates that will be granted to participants upon completion of a program.


Trainer certifications

In addition to the certified courses, we take big pride in saying that all trainers who give GAIn trainings are also certified. This is done through the Train-The-Trainer program, which is a pre-requisite for anyone who wants to teach either specific course modules or in-house training programs at a company. This initiative is in place to ensure the quality of the didactical delivery of each course. There are 3 different levels to trainer certifications, which you can learn more about here.


The benefits of our certification system

Our certification system allows for both businesses and individuals to demonstrate their skills and knowledge, ranging from the AI Foundation all the way to the 3-star Master and Trainer programs. With AI & data skills being in such high demand in the work market, the GAIn certifications give professionals the competitive edge needed when looking for a new job or making a case for a promotion. For businesses it means a stronger value proposition when recruiting new talent. The certifications have no expiry date, but you can brush up on your knowledge whenever you like through the GAIn Continuous Learning program.

2. Course and exam committees

GAIn courses and exams are developed and reviewed by committees of thought leaders and experts in the field of AI & data. Based on years of hands-on didactical experience and together with teams of course developers and certified trainers, these committees ensure GAIn builds high quality standardized training materials. The standard training set-up is an interactive mix of theory, exercises and case-work to realize the highest didactical effect. Using validation principles like the 4 eyes check on exams, training material, train-the-trainer education and an outside-in assessment by the external educational board, we strive to maintain our high-quality standards.

The rapidly changing field of AI is mirrored by the yearly course module updates. This is how we incorporate the latest AI developments and techniques, the best virtual settings and didactical best practices in our trainings.

Each course certificate is earned after successfully completing the exam. Exam-questions are created, evaluated, and updated to high standards, governed by a professional and independent exam committee. Through these exams we maintain a high standard across all our courses and programs.

Individual participants may submit a request for an exemption for a specific training module. This exemption, based on previous education, will have to be requested as soon as possible after the confirmation, but before two weeks before the start of the training module by email to the program coordinator. Exemption requests should contain argumentation and, where appropriate, a certificate on the basis of which the participant hopes to qualify for an exemption.

3. External educational board

The external board committee serves to strengthen and improve GAIn’s portfolio. It consists of cross industry C-level leaders in the field of AI. Its duties include reviewing the curriculum for all programs and career tracks from an external perspective. By overseeing the educational process, the educational board has the responsibility to ensure that GAIn is set up for success to achieve its educational objectives.

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