Become a leader in Artificial Intelligence and drive innovation in your business

“I expect AI to change 100 percent of jobs in the next five to ten years.”

Ginni Rometty, IBM Chairman, President, and CEO

Leaders & Executives track

In order to reap the benefits of AI and create impact through (new) business processes a new skillset is required in each role within the organization. A heavy responsibility herein lies with the leadership and executives. How can you lead a company that is more and more depending on AI to support its processes and decisions? How do you evaluate the prediction results from algorithms?

Are you, as leader ready to take on that immense responsibility, to steer AI to a good place?

The GAIn portfolio offers 3 Leadership programs to build the required skills to lead this exciting transformation in a responsible way.

AI Executive Foundation

2-day program for executive boards to steer on AI Responsibly and lead the AI transformation.

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Leading AI & Data Teams

In depth leadership program for team leads to steer and guide the team towards sustainable AI impact.

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AI Leadership for Women

Ambitious program for female leaders who want to build and solidify their AI knowledge and leadership skills.

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