Become an Artificial Intelligence specialist with broad AI knowledge and deep expertise

Based on a MIcompany estimate, the number of Artificial Intelligence algorithms in the world will rise 23-fold to 17bn in the world in 2021, varying from Image Recognition, Chatbots to Bayesian algorithms. The pool of Artificial Intelligence talent remains small though: AI demands advanced competencies in mathematics, machine learning & statistics and programming.

What is the Data Scientists track?

The GAIn Data Scientists track is a 3-year (virtual) educational program aimed at developing professionals to become AI specialists and future leaders in their field. The track gives Data Scientists all the knowledge, practical skills, tools and experience required to create real impact with AI and data. Starting with a full-time 6-week bootcamp, this track gives Data Scientists a kick-start to their career. This bootcamp is followed by the Expert-program, aimed at broadening the skill-set as an all-round Data Scientist. The track is finalized by the Master-program in which participants can really specialize into a leading AI role, for example as an AI Specialist or AI Integrator.

80% of the alumni of the Data Science track currently has a leading role within the field of Data and AI.

Why should you follow?

The Data Scientists track is specifically designed for young talents in the field of data and AI, who have a high ambition to develop themselves and become leaders in their field.

Within 3 years you learn everything that is needed to create value with AI and how to create end-to-end AI solutions. To this end the program offers an integrated course portfolio covering all four skill domains:

  • Machine Learning & Statistics: Building and optimizing various types of (advanced) algorithms, implementing model performance management and knowing how to apply AI responsibly.
  • Data & Technology: Having the right skills to create automatic data feeds to your model, operationalize your model in production and set-up a cloud environment.
  • Leadership & Change: Strongly visualizing and structuring a data-driven message, to manage the process and interact with stakeholders.
  • Impact & Opportunities: Applying a structured approach to identify opportunities within your company, design a change approach and understand essential business applications.

“The GAIn modules were the most valuable work-related trainings that I had until now. Skills around problem-solving with hypothesis trees and prioritizing solutions through sizing are skills that I use on a daily basis and will use until I retire.”

Data Scientists track set-up

AI Foundation and AI & Data Bootcamp: Providing the basis

The Data Scientists track starts with the 2-day AI foundation, which is focused on providing a clear overview of all AI and data concepts, understanding they key terminology and getting first hands-on experience during various cases.

This foundation is followed by a 6-week AI & Data Bootcamp program. This full-time ‘bootcamp’ really kickstarts your career by focusing on the key competencies required to be an effective Data Scientist. The program consists of six theme weeks where the development of hard skills, such as coding in Python, Regression and Classification Modeling or Cloud computing, is directly combined with soft skills, such as data-driven visualization, Pyramid proof storylining and contact with stakeholders.

The Foundation and AI & Data Bootcamp are organized in collaboration with the AI Engineering track, based on the experience that both roles need the same fundamental knowledge and skills to be effective. After this kick-start the Data Scientists track and Data Engineers track are separated to provide more specialized courses.

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Expert: broadening the skill-set aimed at creating end-to-end AI solutions

The Data Scientists track continuous with the Expert Program. During 1,5 year, you receive 5 weeks of training with the aim to broaden your skill-set to become an all-round Data Scientist. To this end, the Expert program has a strong focus on broadening the Machine Learning skills, for example by courses as Advanced Model Optimization, Forecasting and Deep Learning. These courses are combined with trainings on the technical side, to enable you to automate the model feed and link the output to an application. Furthermore you are trained in all aspects of project management and stakeholder management. To directly bring all new skills into practice, the expert program is finished with a 3-months assignment.

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Master: specialization as AI leader

Upon finalizing the Expert program, you choose your desired specialization for the Master track. The Master track has the same build-up as the Expert track, consisting of 5 training weeks and a 3-months assignment. Key difference is that the you can create your own tailored training portfolio, by selecting the training weeks out of a broader portfolio to optimally suit your specialization.

On top of this it is also possible to enrich your skill-set with courses from our AI Engineers track.

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