Combine your business expertise with AI & data skills and bring your organization to the next level

The biggest challenge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption is not (only) the technology, but the people and process side. Research shows that the skill gap for business staff will not shrink but only widen as organizations mature in AI. Developing new AI solutions and getting them operational and implemented in business processes requires tight, multi-disciplinary collaboration between business domains and technical specialists.

What is the Business & Management track?

The GAIn Business & Management track equips business staff with the required knowledge and skills to form the bridge with technical disciplines and take an active role in shaping and embedding AI solutions.

As participants progress through the program, they learn to take an increasingly active role in designing, building and implementing AI solutions. They learn the basics of machine learning and AI technology to effectively work with specialists. They will acquire new skills for translating domain knowledge to AI opportunities and managing the lifecycle of AI solutions.


While the development or “production” of AI algorithms tends to get all the glory, for AI solutions to materially affect business, it’s critical to have willing and capable consumers of AI — people within the business with the desire and ability to exploit AI solutions to make a difference.

Source: MIT Sloan

Why should you follow?

The GAIn Business & Management track is specifically designed for business staff who want to become more proficient in the use of data analytics and AI for their business domain. This can take various roles, and the track is designed in such a way that the increasing levels of training equips participants with new skills that allow to broaden and strengthen their responsibility in the process.

It has three benefits for you as participant:

  1. Beyond theory. The content of the training is based on years of accumulated experience of leading practitioners in the field of AI solution development.
  2. Multi skillset. The training program comprises of a balanced combination of both technical skills and ways of working required to bring these technologies into practice.
  3. Progressive. The program recognizes different maturity levels in the AI Translator skill set and gradually develops these across 3 levels.

Business & Management track set-up

The GAIn Business & Management track builds on the AI Foundation and consists of three levels.


AI & Data Exploration

As an explorer, you will be able to apply a structured process to identifying, validating and communicating opportunities for AI solutions. You will learn how to identify opportunities for AI solutions, validate hypotheses with analytical insights, and translate these into a convincing story. Get hands on experience in data manipulation and learn what it takes to manage data at an enterprise level.

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 AI & Data Translation

As a Translator, you will understand the lifecycle of designing, developing and implementing AI solutions. You will learn to take an active role as part of a multi-disciplinary development team to design and build AI solutions. In order to do this, you will get a deeper understanding of the technical aspects such as machine learning and AI engineering. This will allow you to effectively collaborate with specialists such as data scientists and data engineers. Moreover, you will learn the typical lifecycle stages of an AI solution from idea to scalable implementation.

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AI & Data Integration

The Integrator level is the crème-the-la-crème of the AI for Business track. AI Integrators who can lead the entire lifecycle of solution development are very scarce resources in many organizations. To be successful in this role requires a rare combination of multi-disciplinary skills and knowledge. First, you have to not only understand conceptually what it takes for a solution to go from idea to scale up, but also be able to lead that evolution. That means leading the content, steering the specialist resources in the team, but also leading the process with adequate stakeholder and project management skills.

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