GAIn® offers career tracks for four populations

The GAIn training portfolio is divided over four career tracks: Data Scientists, AI Engineers, Business & Management and Leadership & Executives. Each track is tailored to the specific needs of its audience, and aims to shape the best AI professionals in the industry. On this page you can find an introduction into all the career tracks and the option of exploring them further. If you’re unsure which track would be the best fit for you, we’re always happy to help.

AI Engineers

Do you have the ambition to develop yourself as specialist to drive scalable impact with AI and data solutions in a production environment? The GAIn AI Engineers track is a 3-year (virtual) program specifically designed for professionals in the field of Artificial Intelligence and technology and builds skills that AI Engineers need to master the development of AI and Data solutions at scale.

Data Scientists

The GAIn Data Scientists track is a 3-year (virtual) educational program aimed at developing Professionals to become Artificial Intelligence specialists and future leaders in their field. The track gives Data Scientists all knowledge, practical skills, tools and experience required to create real impact with AI and Data. While primarily focusing on Machine Learning & Statistics, the track also covers content from the other fundamental skill domains.

Business & Management

The biggest challenge of AI adoption is not (only) the technology, but the people and process side. Developing new AI solutions and getting them operational and implemented in business processes requires tight, multi-disciplinary collaboration between business domains and technical specialists.

The GAIn Business & Management track equips business staff with the required knowledge and skills to form the bridge with technical disciplines and take an active role in shaping and embedding AI solutions.

Leaders & Executives

Do you have the ambition to become a Leader in Artificial Intelligence? And are you eager to increase your ability to influence the organization and realize bottom line impact? The GAIn Leaders & Executives track helps you inspire and enable the business to apply analytics & AI.