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There are multiple barriers to implement AI at companies, and the main ones boil down to a common denominator: people. Adoption requires more than technological capabilities. Implementing algorithms at the core of the business processes means a shift in how an organization can best operate around these algorithms and what skills and roles are needed.

The success of AI rises and falls therefore with the people that build, implement, and manage the new AI solutions. Accelerating the transformation to an AI-driven company requires the entire organization to adopt a new mindset and way of working. To be successful with AI, your focus should be threefold:

  1. EMBRACE AI INNOVATION: to create one common language and understanding, you need to scale a common foundation of AI knowledge.
  2. DEVELOP AI SOLUTIONS: to develop & operationalize world-class algorithms, you need a strong & ambitious AI team.
  3. BRING AI TO IMPACT: to implement AI solutions in key business processes, you need to develop a community of AI Translators.
1. Embrace AI innovation - create an AI company culture by scaling knowledge

Building an AI-driven company involves everyone, starting at the top. Executives need to actively steer the development of AI, understand the barriers and opportunities to determine where to invest and how to organize for scalable impact. They can take the lead in scaling the AI-driven company culture to all other layers of the organization to establish a common language & way of working. Quickly reaching 1000+ employees requires a scalable approach that addresses all key concepts of creating impact with AI.

What GAIn offers to scale AI knowledge across the whole organization:

AI Foundation
AI Foundation
for executives
to scale inhouse
2. Develop AI solutions - build a strong & ambitious AI team

Capturing the value of AI requires an ambitious team of AI Engineers & Data Scientists that can pursue new strategic AI opportunities, build best practice models and at the same time keep learning as a team in the constantly evolving world of AI. So how do you build these high performing teams? Over the last 15 years we have shown that the answer is to recruit and train young talents combined with upskilling & developing existing talent so that they become the powerful engine of your AI company.

What GAIn offers to build these strong AI teams:

Recruitment Talent
(Young) talent
Leading AI
teams program
3. Bring AI to impact - develop a community of AI Translators

Scalable impact comes from implementing AI solutions in key business processes. This requires that business experts play a central role in translating the power of AI into new decision-making processes. Companies should therefore develop a community of AI Translators, a group that operates in close collaboration with business & management and who know how to interpret and use predictions to generate value; shape AI solutions and innovate processes in a business context and lead the implementation.

What GAIn offers to develop a solid community of AI translators:

exploration modules
AI implementation
AI Leadership Program
for Women

We are here to help you build your own inhouse AI academy to cover all areas of skill-building that are needed to become an AI-driven company. Request our brochure or book a meeting today.

We offer:

  • A fully tailored inhouse training program that can be easily applied and scaled globally
  • 60+ courses in AI & data for all levels of the organization with the focus on creating impact
  • Topics ranging from simple data literacy to advanced AI algorithms and strategic leadership discussions
  • Experience & best practices from multinational companies like eBay, Nike & Heineken


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