With the amount of data growing at an exponential rate, AI & Data is one of the hottest fields of the century. Do you want to be part of this exciting field and start your career as a Data Scientist? Find out how GAIn can help you to land the perfect job and grow to become a leader in AI & Data!




Get a job at one of GAIn’s partner organizations: industry leaders that made AI & Data into a board priority.


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    • Following your application, MIcompany will help you find the perfect fit with one of our partner organizations, based on your personal strengths and ambitions.
    • GAIn has partnerships with industry leading organizations who educate their Data Scientists in our AI & Data Talent Program.
    • All partner organizations have made AI & Data a board priority, ensuring your contribution to the highest levels in the organization.


Build an integrated AI & Data skill-set in all Data Science domains with GAIn’s AI & Data Talent Program.


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    • The best Data Scientists are not only data-savvy, they also have the skills to produce tangible business impact.
    • With GAIn you will build deep, integrated skills in all four domains of Data Science:
      • Data & Technology skills – on programming for Data Science purposes.
      • Analytical Methods & Techniques – on modelling and other analytical techniques.
      • Business Domain Expertise – on translating your insights to the right initiatives in your business context.
      • Impact & Advisory skills – on understanding how to realize business impact and conveying an impactful message with presentations or 1-on-1 meetings.
    • For more information check the data scientist career track page.


Kick-start your career by combining an exciting job with an intensive educational program and personal coaching.


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    • From day one, you will combine online and classroom learning with like-minded aspiring AI & Data leaders, with the execution of impactful projects at your organization.
    • Twice during the program, you will take on a 3-month (inter)national analytical exchange project at another business unit or another GAIn organization.
    • Throughout the course of the program, you will receive personal coaching by top professionals in the field.

  • All GAIn’s partner organizations are industry leaders that made AI & Data into a board priority so your job will be exciting and impactful!
  • When you get a job via this procedure, you have a guaranteed spot within our 2-year AI & Data Talent Program.
  • With our knowledge of our partner organizations combined with our inhouse assessment we will find the optimal fit for you, a place where you can use your strengths and develop yourself optimally.
  • We offer support during your application process, we coach you and provide you with tips where needed, to increase your chances to get your dream job.

For our partners, we are constantly looking for analytical talent who recognize themselves in the following profile:

  • Recently graduated (MSc) with excellent results – in Econometrics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or another quantitative field.
  • Analytical, curious, and ambitious. Result-driven, pragmatic and persuasive.
  • A passion for solving complex business challenges using AI and machine learning techniques on large amounts of data.
  • Focused on personal development and eager to learn.
  • Discover your fit with a career in AI & Data
  • Find your perfect match with one of GAIn’s partner organizations
  • Get a job at a leading AI & Data company
  • Kick-start with a 6-week AI & Data bootcamp
  • Deepen your knowledge and skills in the 2-year program
  • Develop personally through coaching
  • Become a leader in AI & Data
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    • Discover your fit with a career in AI & Data
      When you apply for a seat in the  AI & Data Talent Program, we firstly explore your fit to the
      field of AI & Data. You will make an online assessment to test your capabilities within the four
      domains of Data Science. Additionally, you have an interview with  AI & Data professionals to
      discover your talents. If you and we believe that Data Science is the field where you will be able
      to excel, then we proceed to determine which organization suits you best.


    • Find your perfect match with one of GAIn’s partner organizations
      Based on your unique combination of personal motivators, talents, and ambition, we search for the
      perfect match between you and one of GAIn’s partner organizations. We take into account the content
      of the work, the team that you will work in, and your affinity with the industry.


    • Get the job at a leading AI & Data company
      When we have found a match, we will introduce you to the specific partner organization(s). The
      application process continues with one or more interviews with that organization. During the
      process, our professionals will coach and support you to land your dream job. When you have
      convinced the organization that you are the best candidate for them, you will be guaranteed a spot
      in the next class of the AI & Data Talent Program.


    • Kick-start with a 6-week AI & Data  bootcamp
      Multiple times per year, a new class of the AI & Data Talent Program kicks off with a 6-week
      fulltime bootcamp. Once you have started working in your new job with one of our partner
      organizations, you will enter the program in the next class. The bootcamp teaches the fundamentals
      of AI & Data that you need to succeed as a starting Data Scientist.


    • Deepen your knowledge and skills in the 2-year program
      In quarterly 4-day follow-up modules you will deep dive into specific analytical themes, such as
      machine learning techniques, customer journeys, and event modelling. During these weeks, all four
      domains of Data Science will be integrated to develop you into an all-round AI & Data


    • Develop personally through coaching
      Your personal development is our first priority. That is why – during the first years of your career
      – you will receive personal coaching from one of GAIN’s coaches. All coaches are experts in the
      field of Data & AI.


    • Become a leader in Data & AI
      Upon completion of the Data & AI Talent Program you will have developed yourself into a Data
      Scientist that has deep substantive knowledge about managing data and performing advanced analytical
      techniques. A young expert who can translate insights to business initiatives, and is able to
      convince decision makers to take action.