Artificial Intelligence is changing our world at speed – challenging people, but also businesses to adapt and respond. However, we are still in a transition phase. A phase where investments in AI technology and start-ups remain growing and where breakthroughs in technology and algorithms take place every month.

While things are still in development, there is one thing we agree on: AI is here to stay. Most people already encounter and reap the fruits of AI on a daily basis. AI is steering our life in how we interact with companies and devices, choose the pictures we like to save on our mobile, and how TikTok interacts with us.

But in this exciting phase, we remain largely unclear on how this exciting development will exactly unfold. What the golden standard will be for managing algorithms, building technology stacks, and driving AI change. What we lack today is the plug and play AI world. A world where you can just plug in an AI solution into your systems or devices, without lengthy discussions on data architecture, pipeline building, or governance.

So it’s an exciting phase, but also a rather complex and unclear phase to navigate. A phase of transition, where early pioneers that can handle the complexity are moving ahead of the pack. Learn more about the importance of AI in our GAIn AI Foundation brochure!

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