Creating value with algorithms will be a key discipline of the next generation of leaders

Why an AI Foundation program for executives?

Where all participants in building Artificial Intelligence systems require a common foundation of knowledge, we see Executives carrying additional weight on their shoulders.

Not only do they need to understand the key concepts of AI, but they need to actively steer the development of AI. To a responsible place, that is sustainable and can be scaled without an explosion of costs and ethical or economical risks.

But are we as leaders ready to take on that immense responsibility, to steer AI to a good place?

How can you lead a company that is more and more depending on AI to support its processes and decisions? How do you evaluate the prediction results from algorithms?

For Leadership it is paramount to go beyond understanding and invest in a competency to steer AI in the organization. The AI Foundation for Executives is tailored to provide more room for questions leaders need to ask, and decisions and discussions that are needed in the organization’s transformation.

“The new generation of Leadership will be defined in their ability to make decisions in a world that is more and more dominated by algorithms

– CFO Global Mobility Company

AI Executive Foundation 2-day program
AI Executive Foundation_Icon – AI Concepts & Opportunities
Part 1: AI Concepts & Opportunities
  • Key concepts and AI innovations
  • Use case inspiration
  • Discussion on company & industry use case opportunities
AI Executive Foundation_Icon – AI Algorithms
Part 2: AI Algorithms
  • AI algorithms: key concepts
  • Development & implementation of algorithms
  • Leading AI algorithms responsibly
AI Executive Foundation_Icon – AI-Technology
Part 3: AI Technology
  • AI operationalization
  • Perspective on AI architecture
  • Technology environment & roadmap
AI Executive Foundation_Icon – Impact & Change
Part 4: Impact & Change
  • Casus responsible AI in practice
  • Practical AI change approaches – key considerations on the roadmap, organization, competencies & culture
  • Challenges and implication for your organization

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If you have a question, you can also get in touch directly with our program faculty
Martin Heijnsbroek
Helen Rijkes