Build a strong AI team in 6 weeks
with the AI & Data Bootcamp

The AI & Data Bootcamp is a six-week full-time program developed to kickstart the development of data scientists and data engineers at the beginning of their careers. We run both open bootcamps in which participants from different companies come together, and inhouse programs at companies who want to upskill entire teams.

”It is said that the longest of journeys starts with a first step. Well, this six-week bootcamp was more than a first step: it was a leap forward in my professional development.”

Álvaro Meléndez, Data Scientist Trainee at ABN Amro

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partner companies on a global scale
of bootcamp alumni has a leading role

Since the start of the AI & Data Bootcamp until 2020, more than 340 participants have graduated from the program
Built around 5 key USPs

The AI & Data Bootcamp is built around 5 USPs:

  • Develop an integrated skillset around the four competency domains; create a mindset that is focused on creating business impact
  • Learn from top practitioners in the field, with real life cases and examples of data and AI use and implementation
  • Join a personal learning journey with small classes, personal coaching and acceleration of personal growth
  • Learn in a certified and professional educational environment; LMS, cloud-based, certified exams
  • Enjoy a virtual and hybrid approach, optimally utilizing the virtual classroom and combining with individual assignments and self-study

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In the bootcamp your team develops skills in
the 4 areas needed to create value with AI
Icon_Machine Learning & Statistics
Impact & Opportunities

Learn to identify opportunities, understand how to structure AI solutions and work on them effectively in a team.

4 courses, 6 training days

Icon_Leadership & Change
Leadership & Change

Learn to present impactful analytical storylines and be effective in basic stakeholder conversations.

3 badges, 7 training days

Icon_Impact & Opportunities
Machine Learning & Statistics

Learn to execute explorative analysis techniques and apply machine learning models (both classification & regression).

4 badges, 8 training days

Icon_Data & Technology
Data & Technology

Learn to work with databases, operationalize models, work in the cloud and build a basic AI application.

6 badges, 8 training days

”Everybody wants to do data science but not everybody has the complete skills and knowledge. People learn statistics, math and business, but this program gives you the full picture. Here we learn how you look at the business, how to identify business problems and how to solve them.”

Vinila Sista, Statistical Analyst at Transamerica US

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Dorthe van Waarden
Jesper de Groot
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The bootcamp consists of 17 courses. Find detailed descriptions for each on our all courses page.

Aegon has upskilled more than 80 employees in AI & data across the company in 11 countries.