AI Change Makers Podcast

Stories of AI breakthroughs in business

There’s a lot off buzz around Artificial Intelligence and the opportunities it brings. We are interested in what AI use cases are already in production and how they deliver value to companies. The AI Change Makers by GAIn podcast tells the stories of business leaders who create industry breakthroughs and transform their companies using AI – and how they do it.

#1 Heineken
Building AI & data capabilities to brew better beer

With the large amount of available data at Heineken, the appetite for doing more with AI and machine learning has been growing. In this episode, we hear from Senior Analytics Consultant Sandra Oudshoff and Management Reporting Manager Jasper van Panhuis how AI and data analytics are being applied at Heineken and what value it brings to their organization.

#1 Heineken

#2 eBay
From helicopter parts to office utensils: improving the ecommerce experience using data and AI

Allard de Boer, Head of Global Analytics at eBay Classifieds Group, talks about the many areas where eBay uses data and AI to improve their platform, how the role of human creativity and problem solving remains critical in the process, and how this sparked an inhouse training program to raise the bar across the whole organization on using data.

#2 eBay

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