About GAIn®

GAIn aims to guide and accelerate the AI revolution by building AI skill-sets in organizations around the world.  It develops and connects trainers, business partners, and large corporates in its network.  With 15+ years of experience and a presence in more than 35 countries, GAIn aspires to become the World Standard for AI education.

AI is here to stay, but remains in transition

Artificial intelligence is today’s most promising general-purpose technology, following the breakthroughs from the steam engine, the computer automation era, and the digitalization of society. Companies are today capturing huge opportunities to benefit from this massive technology break-through. Those that benefit, have been able to rethink their business model, transform their business systems, and have started to lead AI with a thought-through change approach, in a responsible manner. This asks for a fundamentally new way of working and skill set in the organization.  It leads to a new role of humans versus machines, which leads to new paradigm in AI responsibility.

But in this exciting phase, we remain largely unclear on how this development will exactly unfold. What the golden standard will be for managing algorithms, building technology stacks, and driving AI change. What we lack today is the plug and play AI world. A world where you can just plug in an AI solution into your systems or devices, without lengthy discussions on data architecture, pipeline building, or governance.

So it’s an exciting phase, but also a rather complex and unclear phase to navigate. A phase of transition, where early pioneers that can handle the complexity are moving ahead of the pack.


GAIn purpose

The Global Artificial Intelligence network (GAIn®)  aims to guide and accelerate the AI revolution by building AI skill-sets in organizations around the world.  It develops and connects trainers, business partners, and large corporates in its network.  To share expertise and provide state of the art training programs across all layers in the organization. From Executives teams, to Data & AI professionals, to business teams and general management.

GAIn is setup as an open certified network. This means that both organizations, individuals (as a trainer) and other suppliers can adopt GAIn. Our ambition is to become the World Standard for AI Education.


GAIn background and benefits

GAIn is a network organization for anyone who join the AI revolution and increase productivity using AI. Through the GAIn Academy platform individuals and organizations can leverage the standardized and scalable portfolio and training infrastructure, its certification protocol and systems, and expertise sharing events.

GAIn is an initiative of MIcompany and launched in 2019 for a worldwide audience in over 35 countries. The scalable and modular training portfolio consist of more than 60 courses and certifications, and is designed by industry experts with over 14 years of experience. GAIn has issued more than 5000 certificates and is trusted by blue-chip companies, including eBay, Heineken, Nike, ABN AMRO, KPN, AEGON, Bol.com, Ageas, and Proximus.


AI skill building with GAIn® has 5 core benefits

To answer the multidisciplinary challenges of AI, GAIn offers more than 60 courses that tap into the main needs of four different organizational populations. This includes the broad population who don’t use analytics in their daily work, decision makers who need data as input for their strategies, business teams who engage with analytics on a daily basis and AI professionals, Data Scientists and Engineers who already have a deep knowledge of Machine Learning and Data & Technology.


All GAIn courses are developed by experts with extensive experience in transforming blue-chip companies. At the heart of GAIn education are the four indispensable areas to grasp the full potential of AI. It is essential that, regardless of your role within the organization, you develop a basis in all four areas. This is because use cases are developed in cross-functional teams, and understanding each other is key. These four fundamental areas are: Impact & Opportunities, Leadership & Change, Machine Learning & Statistics and Data & Technology.


All trainings use the GAIn online learning environment to fully support the learning experience. The educational environment consists of a Learning Management System (that contains all the training material and exercises), the AWS cloud workspace to do casework on real-life dataset and an online proctored exam to test required skill levels. When you pass the exam you automatically receive the official GAIn course certificate which can easily be added and shared on LinkedIn.

GAIn Core Values icons_Icon – Personal Learning Journey
4. Virtual & hybrid personal learning journeys

Each training consists of a personal learning journey to guide you through the different steps of the training. This starts with access to pre-work & introduction material to prepare for the classroom moment. The (virtual) classroom requires full attention while the individual assignments allow for autonomy through self-paced learning. Different didactics are combined to tailor for individual learning needs and to prepare participants optimally for the final exam.

Training the entire organization to capture the opportunities with AI requires a skill building solution that can easily be scaled across the company or globe. The GAIn solutions offers the possibility to fully brand and tailor your own inhouse Academy, including the option to scale internally through a Train-The-Trainer program. By becoming part of the GAIn network you can build your own AI.


About MIcompany

MIcompany is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company based in Tel Aviv and Amsterdam. From our offices, we drive AI transformations by building AI solutions and skills. Our team of more than 70 data scientists, AI engineers and software engineers serves industry-leading companies such as Nike, eBay, Booking.com, Heineken, KPN, Lease Plan, Aegon, and Shufersal, in more than 25 countries.