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From helicopter parts to office utensils: improving the ecommerce experience using data and AI

Allard de Boer, Head of Global Analytics at eBay Classifieds Group, talks about the many areas where eBay uses data and AI to improve their platform, how the role of human creativity and problem solving remains critical in the process, and how this sparked an inhouse training program to raise the bar across the whole organization on using data.

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That AI is here, and here to stay is generally known and agreed upon, but how your organization can capture the opportunities of AI and in what way this requires a different type of strategy, remains a challenge for many leaders.

Building global data analytics competencies at Aegon

Aegon started building its data analytics capabilities back in 2013, when they set up the Aegon Analytical Academy together with the training school of MIcompany, now called GAIn. Today, 8 years after its launch, the academy is still running and has upskilled more than 80 employees in AI & data across the company in 11 countries.

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It was a well-structured training, taking us from basics to complex applications. Great to see how interactive you can make a Zoom session. Never stop learning! Gerard Koppelman - Followed training: Bayesian Networks Professor and Lung Pediatrician at UMCG
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07 May 2021

Introducing SCENE, the first data-driven and scientifically proven personality test in the field of Artificial Intelligence. SCENE has been developed to help companies drive successful AI transformations by understanding human personalities, proactively overcoming the challenges of human change management and building business processes where humans and machines collaborate in harmony – a prerequisite for reaching the full potential of AI.

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19 March 2021

We interviewed Sandra Oudshoff and Jasper van Panhuis of the Heineken company. Sandra is a senior consultant for the Global Center of Excellence for Advanced Analytics and Jasper works as a management reporting manager.

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09 March 2021

Our 8-year long collaboration with continues in 2021 with focus on upskilling business analysts. The program will prepare business analysts to identify, validate and communicate opportunities for analytics & AI solutions. By the end of the year 533 people from will have been trained by GAIn. Read about how the company took on the challenge to start building data-driven business teams. This case study is from 2015 and was first published on

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