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GAIn aims to guide and accelerate the AI revolution by building AI skill-sets in organizations around the world.  It develops and connects trainers, business partners, and large corporates in its network.  With 15+ years of experience and a presence in more than 35 countries, GAIn aspires to become the World Standard for AI education.

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It was a well-structured training, taking us from basics to complex applications. Great to see how interactive you can make a Zoom session. Never stop learning! Gerard Koppelman - Followed training: Bayesian Networks Professor and Lung Pediatrician at UMCG
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26 Mar 2020

Heineken chose to shift its Analytics Translator Training Program to an online version with the Virtual Training Method of GAIn®. This training method – consisting of a virtual classroom with break out rooms and individual assignments – made it possible for Heineken to continue with their learning plan despite COVID-19.

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21 Oct 2020

Nowadays, they are everywhere. Netflix uses them to determine what your favorite series is. Facebook uses them to recognize and tag its users in images. Google uses them for their translators, to interpret spoken language and even to develop a chess-playing bot which can defeat any of its human or artificial predecessors.

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01 Dec 2019

The Global Artificial Intelligence network (GAIn®) is aimed at building the certified skills required to implement new processes, identify opportunities and drive lasting breakthroughs using AI. The GAIn® portfolio consists of more than 60 certified badges, 10 programs, and totals 114 training days.

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